About the Author

I am Daria Kozhukhar, the founder of Little Heroes and the author of "Draco's Book of Feelings", and I have a fascinating story behind the creation of this book. Throughout my life, I have been deeply passionate about emotional intelligence and its profound impact on every aspect of our lives.

However, it was my personal journey as a parent to a unique child who faced challenges in understanding and processing emotions that truly inspired me to create something that could assist not only my own child but also other children in learning about their feelings and emotions.

"Draco's Book of Feelings" was carefully crafted to serve as a valuable tool for teaching children as young as 2 years old about the nature of their emotions. It explores what triggers these emotions, how they manifest, and provides guidance on regulating them when they become overwhelming. The book takes the form of Draco's captivating narration, enriched with relatable characters and a variety of engaging illustrations that facilitate easy comprehension and make the learning experience enjoyable.

Since its release, the book has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from my circle of friends, who have found it to be extremely useful and engaging for their children. Emotional intelligence has emerged as one of the most crucial topics of this generation. To ensure our children's holistic development and equip them with essential life skills, it is imperative to commence this journey as early as possible.

"Draco's Book of Feelings" marks just the beginning of a series of books I plan to create. My primary focus is to aid our children in their development, foster their independence, and enhance their life skills.

Drawing upon my own experiences of raising a child with disabilities, my passion for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and mindfulness practices, I am thrilled to be working on a wide range of products dedicated to supporting our little ones.

Maksim's profound influence has guided us every step of the way, infusing this book with his own unique perspective and unwavering spirit.