★ We will update this page as we release new sequences and routines. Be sure to check back in! ★

Getting started

Before you start working with your child, it is important to keep the following two points in mind:

1. Patience. It might take a few days to a couple of weeks before your little one fully grasps the concept and achieves an interactive learning experience. These things take time even for most adults, when learning something different and new.

2. Keep it simple. When starting out, make sure to begin with a very basic and repetitive schedule like a morning and/or an evening routine; as these are the most consistent and performed daily. Later on, you can start using VLAs throughout the day to help your child through transitions, like changes in the routine. 

Little Heroes breakfast morning routine

Sequences and routines

    Our sets have up to 12 cards and we recommend you introduce them slowly, over time. Start with one card and follow the action through with your child together with a very basic verbal description, for example: eat. Although the objective is to teach overall comprehension and increase their vocabulary, less is more when you are first starting out.

    Allow your child to participate in the creation of a home schedule, even if they get the order all wrong or choose not to "schedule" the steps they dislike. Letting them engage in a playful manner is a first move towards accomplishment. Ultimately the goal is to encourage them to take charge and  build their routines independently.

    Once your child is well-versed in the basics and responding to simple verbal prompts, you can start using more words to describe the action, such as: eat your breakfast. The same goes for the visual cues themselves. Once your little hero is able to follow and complete a series of one to four steps, without any prompts, then you can gradually increase the number of cards for one task/routine/schedule. 

    Boy organising his morning routine