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Also known as The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Visual Learning Aids are learning and communication tools for children. The illustrated tiles help with day planning, making it easier to communicate the details of the day's schedule. Show, rather than tell, what is to come, when it will happen and in what sequence.

The Visual Learning Aids (VLAs) can be used to add insight into the next hour, day, week, or month. They can also be used to break down the details of a single activity (e.g. brushing one's teeth).

Visual prompts are suitable for all ages, and especially useful to children with special needs by reducing anxiety linked to uncertainty.

"Visually cued instruction involves the use of pictographic and written language as instructional supports in both structured and natural learning contexts." (Quill 1995).

These easy, fun and comprehensive VLAs will support several aspects of your child's development, such as:

•  Establishing a daily routine, developing self-discipline and promoting general independence.

•  Increasing communication skills, basic vocabulary, and making it easier to teach more abstract concepts like time, emotions, or metaphors.

•  Reducing general anxiety by giving structure to the day's events.

VLAs help children feel more secure, which has many benefits like increasing their attention span and their general ability to complete tasks.

VLAs can help kids that struggle with organisational skills to stay on top of routines and increase their general autonomy and confidence. A visual schedule helps to communicate a general structure within which the child can find their next steps.

Though children are easily attracted to novel toys and games, they are often quick to reject things that don't appear as interesting. Do not get discouraged if your child shows little to no interest at first.  

Kids often follow and copy our behaviour, so try incorporating the cards into your own routine to provide an example. It's best to involve the whole family so the positive feedback can flow in all directions.  

We find that computers, phones or tablets aren't always the best way to help children learn, especially if they have special needs. Interacting with the physical world reinforces learning. The VLAs also never need to be updated and will never try to spy on you. :-) 


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